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How to Pick a Concrete Contractor for Your Upcoming Job

December 27, 2021 5:11 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Do you have a concrete job coming up? Perhaps you’re interested in installing a new driveway, patio or walkway, or you need some work done on a retaining wall or foundation. Whatever your needs, it’s important you do your due diligence to make sure you’re working with a professional you can trust. Here’s a look at some helpful tips on how to pick a concrete contractor: Research: Don’t just go with the first contractor you find in a Google search. Perform some additional research into the contractor and their background. Ask family and friends for referrals to companies they trust. Ask local concrete suppliers which contractors they would recommend. Get as many options as possible before you even consider selecting... View Article

How to Tell the Difference Between Cement and Concrete

December 13, 2021 5:10 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

There are many people who mistakenly use the terms cement and concrete interchangeably; however, these are actually two different types of materials. If you’ve ever wondered how to tell the difference between cement and concrete, here’s the short version: Concrete is a mixture of pastes and aggregates, and cement is one of the ingredients used to make concrete. Here’s a more in-depth look at cement vs. concrete to help you better understand the differences between these two materials. These details should help you determine what you need to buy for your particular project. What to know about concrete The basic definition of concrete is a mixture of paste and aggregates (sand and rock). The paste features cement and water and... View Article

Pros and Cons of Stamped Concrete

December 6, 2021 7:13 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When you want to build a long-lasting patio or walkway at your home in Crivitz, WI, there are many pros to using stamped concrete. That said, it’s worthwhile to compare polished concrete to other material options like natural stone, slate and brick before you get started. Let’s look at all the pros and cons of polished concrete to find out whether this might be a good choice for your next project. Low maintenance No one wants to spend more time than they have to maintaining their property. Fortunately, polished concrete requires far less upkeep than other options like stone, tile and brick. There may be some cracking over time, but there’s little you need to do to maintain the walkway... View Article

Support Your Favorite Sports Team with Stamped Concrete

November 22, 2021 7:12 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Polished concrete is a durable, attractive and easy-to-clean flooring solution—but what if you want to take your concrete floors to the next level? Stamped concrete logos for sports fans in Crivitz, WI are an excellent choice whether you’re a fan of the Packers or the world champion Bucks. Adding a bright, colorful logo is a bold expression of who you support and can be a great addition to offices, warehouses and more. Let’s look at how to go about getting custom logos for stamped concrete. Branding As a business owner, you know how important branding is. Whether it’s endorsing a team associated with your business or adding your company’s logo, you can enhance your standing and reinforce your identity with... View Article

DIY Tips for Using a Cement Mixer at Home

November 8, 2021 5:05 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Portable cement mixers have made it easy for any homeowner to take on a DIY concrete project without wasting time mixing concrete by hand. They’re also inexpensive to rent, which is a big plus for anyone on a budget. While you don’t need to be a professional to understand how to use a concrete mixer, you’ll want to follow some basic tips to ensure the job is done right. Keep reading to learn our home improvement tips with concrete mixing: Wear protective gear: Our first tip is to always wear protective equipment while mixing and pouring concrete. This includes goggles, work gloves, steel-toed boots and a respirator. You’ll also want to wear pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Prepare the site:... View Article