Six More Signs You’re in Need of Foundation Repairs in Marinette County, WI

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Foundation repairs can be quite the investment, whereas putting them off when they’re needed can lead to far greater damage and correspondingly greater costs of repair. For homeowners, it is important to know when to seek professional help to get your foundation repaired, and when it is safe to wait or attend to small repairs on your own.

With that in mind, here are some more signs it is time to contact a professional concrete contractor about your foundation:

  • Big cracks: Cracks in your foundation that are large enough to put a dime or penny into are cause for concern. But small cracks are often nothing to be concerned about and are, in fact, inevitable given the temperature and moisture swings between Wisconsin’s summers and winters. A freeze-thaw cycle like ours is hard on concrete, which makes choosing the right contractor for foundation repairs in Marinette County, WI so important.
  • Weak, chipping or crumbling concrete: Even significant foundation wall and slab cracks can often be repaired if the concrete foundation itself is structurally sound and strong. However, if your concrete crumbles easily, it might indicate you need an all-new foundation rather than a repair. A good test is to take a screwdriver and poke the concrete with it. If it crumbles when normal force is applied, you should have a professional look at it immediately.
  • Leaking roof, even if it looks in good condition: When your foundation shifts, everything else in your home shifts, too. This can lead to leaking in your roof, which, if you have an attic, can easily go unnoticed. Water damage is a significant cost often caused by a foundation in need of repair.
  • Water in basement or crawl space: It makes sense that cracks let in moisture that would otherwise be kept out of your home. This is often obvious in a basement. But if you don’t have a full basement, make sure to check your crawl space for any accumulation of water, especially near support posts or concrete piers.
  • Chimney problems: If your chimney is leaning, cracking or twisting, this is another sign your home may have foundation problems, likely from the shifting of the soil beneath the foundation. It’s worth noting that if the chimney is not an original part of the house’s design, a shifting chimney may only indicate problems with the chimney’s foundation; however, if that’s not the case, your chimney is experiencing the same stresses as the rest of your house, so if you notice a problem, you should talk to a concrete foundation professional immediately.
  • Changes in your yard, outdoor patios or sidewalk in front of your home: A lot of foundation problems originate from shifting soil. In some extreme examples of soil shifting, your whole yard can move. This can show up in a buckled or concave sidewalk in front of your home, or an uneven or leaning outdoor patio, as well as visible changes in your yard.

We do foundation repairs in Marinette County, WI

Small problems can often be taken care of on your own. Concrete paint and epoxy injection kits work fine when your concrete is structurally sound and simply going through the normal stages of aging. But if you have any of these problems, or others we’ve mentioned before, contact us here at Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc., a trusted provider of foundation repairs in Marinette County, WI. We’re fully licensed and insured, we have over 40 years of quality work to our names and we can quote your job over the phone or in person absolutely free.

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