Common Signs That You Might Need to Have Your Home’s Foundation Repaired

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Foundation problems are every homeowner’s worst nightmare, as it can be difficult to tell when an issue occurs and just how bad it is. While you might not be able to physically see when your home’s foundation is in need of renovation or evaluation, there are a few red flags that you should keep in mind. Here are some of the most common signs that you are in need of foundation repairs in Marinette County, WI.

Door and Window Misalignment

Often one of the most ignored indications that your home’s foundation needs repairs is misaligned doors and windows. This is because the effects of a damaged foundation can be as subtle as a door sticking or a window being hard to open, which most people would attribute to humidity. As the foundation worsens, so will the misalignment of your home’s doors and windows. Eventually, you may not be able to close some of your doors or windows, as they will no longer align with their frames.

A Separated Chimney

One of the first signs that your home may be having some foundation concerns is if your chimney becomes separated from your home. While this can also be due to structural issues that affect just your chimney, it’s considered an early warning sign of foundation trouble and should be addressed right away. Taking notice of this occurrence can end up saving you a ton of money and frustration in the long run.

Wall Damage

As your foundation shifts, so will the walls of your home, leading to cracks and other visible damage. Stress from a raised or lowered foundation will cause cracks in the drywall of the walls inside of your house, often found around the doors, windows and corners. Damage can also occur to your home’s exterior, often in the form of cracks in your siding or masonry.

A Change in Water Drainage

While most homeowners don’t always keep an eye on how their water drains, you will likely notice if there’s a drastic change. Foundation issues caused by water damage affect the soil under and around the home, as it becomes oversaturated. This can cause your foundation to shift or crack, leaving it in desperate need of repairs. One of the first signs that this has occurred is when water drains differently, often toward the house rather than away from it.

If you have even the slightest inclination that your home’s foundation is in need of an evaluation or repairs, call a professional right away. For foundation repairs in Marinette County, WI, reach out to our crew of technicians at Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc. Whether you’re in need of major or minor foundation repairs, we can evaluate your situation and provide you with an estimate so that you can be confident that your foundation is in its best condition. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our team members, or reach out to us on our website with any questions you may have. We look forward to assisting you!

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