Pro Tips to Make Concrete Patios in Wisconsin Last Longer

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When it comes to installing a new patio, concrete is one of your best options. Concrete looks great, it’s affordable and it’s durable, as long as it’s properly maintained. Continue reading to learn a few of the easy things you can do to ensure your concrete patios in Wisconsin stay intact and look great for years to come:

  • Keep it clean: Pebbles, dirt and other foreign contaminants can have quite a nasty effect on your concrete patio. Over time, this tiny debris can cause small holes and eventually lead to premature cracking. The best way to protect your concrete from cracking or crumbling is to wash it off with a hose every couple weeks, and with a pressure washer once or twice a year. Additionally, clean up liquid spills as soon as you can to prevent stains.
  • Apply sealer: Your concrete is fairly hardy on its own, but applying sealer every two or three years will protect it against corrosion, and will also preserve the appearance of stamped concrete. You can apply sealer yourself, but our recommendation is to hire a professional to take care of it for you. DIY sealing jobs can lead to a disaster if you’re not 100 percent sure of what you’re doing.
  • Polish or wax: Though not totally necessary, polishing or waxing stamped concrete will give it an extra shine while protecting it against scratches and other wear and tear. Consider polishing your concrete patio before an upcoming event to make it stand out and wow your guests!
  • Avoid destructive chemicals and salt: Sealant is great at defending against scratches and spills, but it does nothing to protect against harmful chemicals and deicing salt. Chemicals will quickly strip away the sealant and leave your concrete exposed to the effects of the elements and foot traffic.
  • Lay down rugs: Outdoor rugs don’t just look nice outside on your patio—they’re also great at protecting your patio from scuffs and scratches. Your rugs will also absorb any spills, further protecting against stains that could become permanent. On a similar note, you should consider putting soft tabs under the legs of your furniture, as metal patio furniture has a habit of leaving nasty scars on your concrete.
  • Install a patio cover or pergola: It should go without saying that elements like rain, snow, hail and even the sun’s harmful rays can take quite a toll on your concrete patio. The best way you can protect your investment from Mother Nature is by installing a patio cover or pergola. In addition to extending the life of your concrete, a pergola looks great and allows you to enjoy your patio in rain or shine.
  • Manage your plants: Greenery like shrubs and trees planted around your patio make your backyard space look spectacular. Be mindful of where you plant those, though, as roots can grow under the concrete and cause major cracking as the plant grows.

Whether you’d like to install a new patio or have your existing one repaired, be sure to choose Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc. to get the job done. When it comes to concrete patios in Wisconsin, we bring years of experience and competitive rates to every project!

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