The Top Benefits of Adding Retaining Walls to Your Home

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Retaining walls have a variety of benefits for homeowners, both practical and aesthetic in nature. Of course, if you plan to add retaining walls in Crivitz, WI, it is absolutely crucial that you work with professional contractors to make sure they are designed and installed properly. These walls are especially important to have if your property is located on a slope or hill.

Here are just a few examples of some of the benefits of using retaining walls in Crivitz, WI:

  • Creation of more flat space: If you have hills in your yard or property and would like to make some more usable flat space, a retaining wall is crucial in being able to accomplish this. While they can certainly be used for other purposes in areas of your yard that are already flat, they are imperative for dealing with inclines and slopes, especially if drainage is going to be an issue in those areas. A retaining wall will help you deal with erosion or flooding when you have an incline on your property, and will also help you create more practically usable space by leveling off parts of your property at the same elevation.
  • Manage water runoff: Taking a closer look at water runoff and erosion, retaining walls can be a crucial part of managing this runoff. They can slow down the speed of rainwater as it runs down your property, protecting your lawn and garden from being damaged by rapidly flowing streams of water. They also can help you divert water runoff to locations on your property in a more strategic manner, which can keep water away from your home, your outdoor seating areas and other areas you’d like to keep dry.
  • Numerous design options: You have many different options for retaining walls in Crivitz, WI, including gravity walls (thicker at the base than the top, leaning back at the top), cantilever walls (single-layered walls that are connected to a slab and are reinforced with steel), sheet pile walls (planks are pushed into the soil and are supported on both sides), anchored walls (strength-enhanced with cables) and buttress walls (vertical concrete webs installed along the rear of the wall to tie the slab and base together). The possibilities are endless!
  • Easy maintenance: It’s very easy to keep a retaining wall in good condition. The materials are designed to withstand long-term exposure to the outdoor elements. They’re typically made with stone or other natural mineral products.
  • Add aesthetic value: Retaining walls can be extremely attractive. Hardscapes are often used by landscapers to add attractive features to an outdoor property. They can help create beautiful raised garden areas, and can be used to line patios and walkways. Depending on the style and design used, you can create a variety of different moods and feels with your retaining wall, adding value beyond just their practical benefits.

These are just a few examples of the benefits of retaining walls in Crivitz, WI. Contact Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc. today to learn more about retaining walls and our other services.

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