Tips for Selecting Retaining Wall Materials

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Retaining walls are everywhere—at homes, schools and businesses, and even along roadways. But most people don’t notice them until they need one. Retaining walls help keep earth from shifting or, in some cases, offer added support. Retaining walls can be employed to create usable land, manage water runoff, and even provide extra seating. Retaining walls also look great and can be a welcome feature to almost any landscape design.

However, while deciding to install a retaining wall typically isn’t a hard decision, figuring out what materials to use can be. You want to use a material that is strong enough to do the job, and designed to meet your specific needs, but that will also look great. If you are considering installing retaining walls in Crivitz, WI, here are a few tips you can use to help you select the right retaining wall material.

Natural stone

Retaining walls made of natural stone are exquisite. There is a wide variety of natural stones to choose from that come in all sorts of sizes, textures and colors, which means that each retaining wall made of natural stone is unique. However, natural stone is also the most expensive option and does not fit into every budget. A few ways to get around this, if you are a DIY-er and have access to large deposits of stones, is to gather your own stones and use them to build a retaining wall. This option, however, is a lot of work and may not be viable for most people. Another downside to natural stone is that it can be less sturdy than concrete blocks, since the shape and size of natural stone is irregular.

Concrete block

Decorative block is a great option for those who are looking primarily for strength and affordability. Decorative blocks are literally designed to go together, so they create a more uniform and sturdy retaining wall. This is also a cheaper option, since making concrete blocks is less expensive than mining natural stone. Concrete decorative blocks also create a more cohesive look and blend well with certain pavers. However, for some people, a cohesive look is seen as a downside. Ultimately, it really depends on your preference.


Timber walls are unique and look really nice with certain homes, particularly if you like a rustic feel. Timber walls are also the least expensive option, which makes them great if you are working with a tight budget. However, timber retaining walls are the least sturdy and require the most maintenance. Timber walls have to be treated to protect against moisture, and need to be replaced more frequently as well.

All three of these materials are great options, but what you choose will depend on your design preferences and specific needs. If you are looking to install retaining walls in Crivitz, WI, Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc. can help. We are your local concrete experts and make and install top-quality retaining walls that are tailored to meet your needs. To learn more about our services, just give us a call!

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