Six Tips for Extending the Life of Concrete Patios in Crivitz, WI

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Concrete is a strong, extremely durable material, so it comes as no surprise that concrete is used for projects like home and building foundations, sidewalks and patios. But that’s not to say it’s okay to neglect it. With proper installation and maintenance, concrete surfaces can last a long time—we’re talking decades. However, there are some things you cannot control. Whether you have a stamped or plain concrete patio, certain environmental factors, such as aggressive tree root systems, shifting soil and harsh weather, can accelerate age and cause cracking.

Maintain your patio to preserve the concrete for years to come. Here are six tips for extending the life of concrete patios in Crivitz, WI:

  • Keep the concrete clean: When you think of erosion, the first thing that comes to mind is probably water washing away soil. While this is true, it’s also important to note that as water and soil with high mineral content passes over your patio, this combo can actually also wear away at concrete. To prevent surface holes and crumbling, keep your concrete patio clean. Use a broom, garden hose or pressure washer to clear away dirt, other debris and natural and manmade contaminants at least a few times a month. Clean up food spills as soon as possible to avoid staining.
  • Apply a sealer: Concrete sealer protects your concrete patio from early corrosion, and it also preserves the color and shine of stamped concrete. Professionals recommend reapplying a sealer every two to three years, or sooner if your notice the color or sheen fading.
  • Polish stamped concrete: Though the sealer is applied to protect the concrete sheen, it doesn’t hurt to wax or polish it in the summer to make it even brighter. This extra layer of protection can make it hold stronger against heavy foot traffic, scuffs, scratches and grime, therefore helping to reduce wear patterns.
  • Avoid corrosive chemicals: The sealant that’s applied to concrete patios is designed to resist the elements and normal, everyday wear and tear. However, some heavy-duty chemicals can corrode the sealant and destroy the sheen. Avoid cleaners that contain ammonium nitrates and sulfates, because they target concrete. Don’t put deicing salts on treated or stamped concrete, as it puts the sealant—and therefore the concrete— at risk of irreversible damage.
  • Install a patio cover: If you want to protect your concrete patio from the scorching sun or hard rain and extend its life, consider installing an overhead cover. Pergolas, canvas covers and awnings are just a few options. A cover can also improve the look of your outdoor living space and make it more comfortable.
  • Use area rugs: Concrete is a strong material. Installed properly, concrete is resistant to scratches and damage from dragging furniture. But in time, the legs of patio tables and chairs can scratch the sealant, and stains and spills can accumulate. A simple (and decorative) way to avoid this is to use outdoor-appropriate area rugs to protect the concrete.

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