Common Foundation Problems and How to Spot Them

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There’s a reason why home inspectors are required to check the foundation during the sale of a property. Like other significant aspects of the home, the foundation could have damage, be it normal wear and tear or cracks that may comprise stability, which is a much more serious issue. Let’s take a look at the most common foundation problems and find out how a foundation contractor in Crivitz, WI is able to spot them.

Cracks and other types of fractures

If you see gaps of any size in your home’s foundation, then you may have a potentially serious problem on your hands. Other signs of trouble include wall fissures, floor cracks and chimney breakage. However, there are many reasons why your foundation may be moving, shifting and developing gaps. Conditions such as expanding and contracting soil, inclement weather and living near a heavily trafficked roadway could be potential causes of the problem.

When inspecting foundation gaps, look closely at interior walls to figure out whether you have horizontal cracks or vertical cracks. If some of the fractures are leaning at a 45-degree angle, this could be a sign that severe foundation movement has taken place. Not all fractures point to a damaged foundation—in fact, many cracks are merely cosmetic.

Settling or sinking

After hearing an audible creak or pop in the middle of the night, you may have commented that your house is just settling. Some signs are cause for concern, while others are not. That said, always err on the side of caution when a house or building foundation appears to be settling oddly, or even sinking. It should be checked out by a knowledgeable foundation contractor in Crivitz, WI.

Over time, you might notice that one side of your house seems to be sinking while the other sides appear to stand firm. But when one side begins to move, the others will soon follow in the same downward direction. The reason this is happening could be due to poor construction or the foundation having been poured and paved over poorly-compacted soil. The already unstable ground underneath can collapse under the weight of the building.

Doors are sticking or not operating properly

If the doors in your house are sticking, there might be a problem with your foundation. Interior doors tend to stick or drag at the top, while exterior doors are more likely to drag at the threshold or hang down at the top and look uneven. Double doors no longer meeting in the middle is another sign you need to have your foundation inspected. Doors sticking for a short period of time may be due to a change in humidity, not a failing foundation. Check for cracks or fractures in the foundation, and contact a qualified foundation contractor if you find signs of settling.

You need a land assessment, a plan and a foundation contractor in Crivitz, WI you can trust to ensure proper building foundation construction. Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc. knows that pouring the foundation for a house or other structure takes skill and experience. Call us today for an estimate!

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