Tips for Picking a Decorative Concrete Project’s Pattern

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Few construction projects can add a personal touch as quickly and effectively as a splash of decorative concrete outside your home. A well-executed project can improve your curb appeal, increase your home’s value and, perhaps most importantly, give you a sense of pride and ownership in your home from the moment you pull into the driveway. There’s no end to the potential joy you’ll find when you install the best decorative concrete in Crivitz, WI.

Before you dive into a construction project that can revitalize the facade of your home, however, here are some tips to guide you toward the right choice.

Try not to get overwhelmed

If you’ve never searched for decorative concrete, or if it has been a while since you were in the market, you should be warned that you’ll face a lot of options. The sheer variety of materials and patterns you can choose from is staggering. So, don’t feel obligated to obsess over every available option. Go with what feels right.

Complement your home, don’t copy it

Consider mixing and matching materials when you’re searching for the best decorative concrete in Crivitz, WI. Have a brick home? You might want to search through granite or slate options. Have a home with a prominent concrete foundation? Maybe concrete that mimics brick is the best choice. Don’t be beholden to your existing materials. Let your sense of style guide you.

There’s no such thing as an exact match

While most contractors will work with you to find the perfect color or pattern match, finding an exact copy of what you’re looking for is extremely rare. It’s best to be flexible when searching for something super specific to match your home. If you are set on replicating the color or pattern of your house, be prepared to be let down.

Don’t be afraid to go local

If you’re decorating on a budget, it might be a good idea to ask your local concrete supplier about any local options. Not only is local aggregate typically less expensive but, depending on the area of the country you live in, it can also be a soulful expression of your community pride.

Think about the practical stuff

When it comes to the hardness of your decorative concrete, not all material is created equal. Some types of concrete are more slip-resistant, for example. Some are softer. Some are more durable. As tempting as it is to get caught up in the aesthetic appeal of your project, don’t forget that your decorative concrete also serves a function.

Your one-stop shop

When you’re looking for a firm that will work with you every step of the way to help realize your construction ideas, put your faith in Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc. For more than 40 years, we’ve happily provided the entire state with the best decorative concrete in Crivitz, WI.

Our skills don’t stop at walkways and flatwork, either. We do it all—driveways, fire pits, garage slabs, retaining walls and everything in between. From the moment you contact us, we’ll get to work for you. Don’t wait another day to have the home you’ve always wanted. Call today for your free estimate.

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