What Does Foundation Repair Entail?

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Your home’s foundation is its single most important feature, as it bears the weight of your home and keeps it from sinking into the ground or settling unevenly. However, problems with your foundation can go unnoticed for years—hidden cracks or cracks in the basement area might not be immediately apparent. Water is the most common cause, so if your rain gutters, downspouts or plumbing have recently been damaged, you should have your foundation inspected as soon as possible to make sure everything is intact.

When you notice evidence of foundation damage, it’s time to figure out the source of the problem and call in the best foundation contractors in Crivitz, WI. The following is an overview of how a professional can repair your foundation:

  • Find the cause: The first step in the process is to determine the cause and extent of the damage to foundation. Professional foundation experts or home inspectors will examine your foundation, diagnose the problem and suggest the best way to fix the damage. If the foundation is bowed, tipping or severely damaged, you will need more extensive repairs that may require excavating the entire foundation.
  • Dig around the foundation: If the cracks are on the outside of the home, your contractors will need to excavate the damaged area so that the concrete contractors can access the foundation. If you have a basement, you may need a backhoe to accomplish this.
  • Insert concrete pilings: Next, the contractors will insert concrete pilings via a cable run to the bottom of the newly-dug hole. A concrete cap will be placed on the top piling.
  • Lift the foundation: Using hydraulic jacks, your foundation will slowly be lifted and concrete cylinders will replace the jacks. The foundation then settles atop the concrete cylinders. At this point, the foundation will be left exposed for several weeks to ensure that it stays at the correct level. If there are no further issues, your contractors will proceed.
  • Backfill: The next step is to refill the soil until it reaches the right grade. Your lawn should generally slope six inches for every 10 feet, which will help direct water away from your home.
  • Fix any cracks: Finally, your contractors will fix any cracks in the foundation by filling and patching them over with cement. If the foundation is severely damaged, they may add wood or steel braces, carbon fiber mesh or wall anchors. Some use epoxy and carbon fiber mesh in tandem to strengthen the foundation.

Every foundation repair is different, of course, and depending on the severity of your foundation damage, there may be additional steps necessary to protect your home.

Work with the best foundation contractors in Crivitz, WI

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