Five Key Benefits of Investing in a Residential Retaining Wall

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Everyone knows the basic concept of retaining walls. These types of walls, which are made of rocks, concrete blocks or other materials, are always outside and lower to the ground than traditional walls for homes and buildings. While the primary function of a retaining wall is to hold the soil behind it in place, it’s also an aesthetic and can be as pretty as you want it to be. Some are installed specifically to keep soil in place, while others double as outdoor seating or planter box holders, whether installed in front of the house near the street or in the backyard.

Here’s a list of the key benefits of investing in residential retaining wall additions in Crivitz, WI:

  • Prevents soil erosion: The main reason property owners install retaining walls is to prevent erosion of the surrounding soil. In these cases, erosion is generally the movement or loss of dirt in steep areas. When this happens, you can expect varying levels of damage to your property. The cost for repairs will also vary. Extensive erosion is the worst, causing sinkholes on your property and washing away important nutrients and fertilizers from the soil, destroying your plants, even partially or totally collapsing your house. Put in a retaining wall to keep your land stable and protected against erosion.
  • Boosts outside aesthetics: There are many ways to improve exterior aesthetics, including by installing a retaining wall. A low retaining wall can make your property more attractive, whether it’s built of stone, concrete or another type of material. You should choose a material for your new wall that matches the rest of your landscaping to ensure seamless aesthetic flow. A properly constructed retaining wall can be both beautiful and functional, contributing as a focal point to your property.
  • Increases property value: You don’t have to be selling your house to want to boost its value. Whether you’re moving or not, adding a retaining wall is beneficial to your property value. It can boost curb appeal and enhance certain other landscape features on your property, which can improve its overall aesthetics. Ultimately, it is this coupling of improved appearance and functionality that can raise the value of your property.
  • Adds space: A surprising benefit of installing retaining walls is having more usable space, but this only works if there are a lot of hills on your property. Retaining walls on hilly property can actually create more usable space for gardens, landscaping and other yard features, making your land more attractive and more functional.
  • Prevents flooding: You don’t want the soil to erode around your property, nor do you want it to flood. With retaining walls in place, you can worry less about water from heavy rainstorms and melting snow messing with your land’s structural integrity. This kind of wall can deter damaging stormwater from gathering on your property and help with water runoff.

Retaining walls can do a lot of good. For a more thorough explanation of the benefits of investing in retaining wall additions in Crivitz, WI, contact the experts at Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc. today!

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