Six New Ideas for Your Retaining Wall

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Retaining walls are excellent at controlling erosion and stabilizing slopes, but they offer other benefits in addition to their primary functions. With all the choices available in stone style and concrete designs, the design of your retaining wall is only limited by your imagination. Here are six retaining wall ideas for your yard in Crivitz, WI:

  • Terraced garden: Rather than just install a wall, make additional room for planting. Slopes are normally not ideal for starting a garden or growing flower beds, but you can change that with terracing. You can do that with rock and concrete, just as many homeowners do with wood planter boxes. Instead of a plain wall, you have a wall that also offers terraced gardening so you can start those projects you never thought you’d be able to because of a sloped yard.
  • Planting islands: Another way to add planting space is to create an island flower bed. This works if you do not want a terraced garden plan but you would still like to break up the appearance of concrete or stone with a lovely flowered area. The island can be placed at the bottom and around stairs.
  • Benches: If you add a fire pit or patio near the retaining wall, you might also build in some benches. Any fire pit needs seating anyway, and if you would rather not purchase additional porch furniture, a sitting wall will eliminate that need. If your slope requires a taller wall, it can act as back support for anyone sitting on the bench. You can never have too much outdoor seating, and the right retaining wall can help with that.
  • Water features: Fountains and waterfalls add a focal point, and many people find the sound of trickling water soothing. Building water features into a retaining wall does not require much extra work and the benefits quickly prove worth it. You can create a peaceful space and enjoy the beauty and sound of flowing water.
  • Fireplaces and fire pits: Backyards have evolved into extra living space, especially when people spend more time outside in the summer months. If you need a retaining wall anyway, that is a good opportunity to add an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. You can build fireplaces into the wall or create a fire pit in much the same way you build an island flower bed. All you need is additional seating and every night can be campfire night.
  • Raised patios: Retaining walls can even improve flat land. If you prefer a view from your patio, use a retaining wall to create a raised patio. You can also add levels to a patio to divide off cooking and socializing areas. This can be especially useful if you have a pool or hot tub and like to keep those areas separate from people who prefer to stay dry.

If any of these retaining wall ideas appeal to you, Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc. can help. Located in Crivitz, WI, we offer residential concrete services throughout Marinette County. Call us today to get an estimate.

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