What Are the Benefits of Installing a Concrete Patio?

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While wood decks continue to see surges in popularity, the old-fashioned concrete patio continues to be a fixture at residential properties throughout the United States. While the aesthetics of a wood deck may be hard to top, there are plenty of benefits that come with installing a concrete patio on your property.

Here are just a few reasons to switch from a deck to a patio, or to hire Wisconsin’s best concrete contractors to install a concrete patio when you’re building a new home.

They offer outstanding durability

Concrete can hold up to a wide variety of environmental conditions. Wisconsin sees everything from heavy rains to snow and ice to extreme heat and extreme cold, so a concrete patio’s durability is quite beneficial given the weather and temperature swings we see throughout the year.

Stamped concrete is the most durable of the various types of masonry you could use for your patio, but in general you will see excellent, long-lasting results from any kind of concrete installation.

They are highly versatile

While plain concrete isn’t the most visually appealing option, it is a highly versatile type of material that will allow you to customize the appearance of your patio to your heart’s content.

Advances in the techniques and tools used for concrete installation give you more options than ever for customizing your concrete. It can be formed into any shape, which is great for small or unusually shaped backyards, and for areas where curves might look attractive. There are stains and other coloring methods that allow you to create a wide variety of colors with your concrete, which can help you to complement your home’s façade or the natural landscape of your yard. You can also select from many different patterns and designs, including stamped, engraved, exposed aggregate, stenciled and more.

These multiple options for customization also create a greater opportunity to improve your home’s curb appeal and general aesthetic appeal, which can, in turn, lead to increased home value.

Simple maintenance

Perhaps the biggest edge concrete patios have over wood decks is the fact that they have significantly fewer maintenance requirements. Decks have to be regularly refinished and stained. Concrete should be sealed every now and then to extend its lifespan, but there’s nowhere near the labor and maintenance involved as there is with a wooden deck. If you don’t want to put a lot of time or money into keeping up with maintenance, then concrete is a good option for you.

They are an environmentally-friendly option

Concrete is a great material to go with if you care about green, sustainable building. It spares the use of lumber and eliminates the need for maintenance with stains and sealers that might not be particularly good for the environment. It can also be recycled when disposed of.

These are just a few examples of some of the primary benefits associated with installing concrete pavement for your patio rather than going with a wood deck. For more information, contact Wisconsin’s best concrete contractors at Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc.

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