How Long Does Stamped Concrete Usually Last?

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Because it’s stamped with unique designs or patterns, stamped concrete is able to mimic the appearance of more expensive surfaces like stone, brick or pavers. In addition to looking great, stamped concrete can also last for 25 years without falling apart or looking shoddy! This post from your decorative concrete contractors in Crivitz, WI will cover everything you need to know about the lifespan of stamped concrete.

How to maintain your stamped concrete

A little bit of work is required to ensure your stamped concrete lasts for as long as possible. Follow these tips and your concrete should last for the long haul:

  • Hire a pro: The best way to ensure your stamped concrete lasts as long as possible is to hire a professional to install it. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there that make installing stamped concrete look easy, but this is a job that should only be tackled by a concrete contractor. In addition to lasting longer, professionally installed concrete looks better than a DIY job.
  • Clean: Once your concrete surface is installed, you’ll need to keep it nice and tidy. Spraying it down with a high-pressure garden hose will loosen up any stuck-on and stubborn dirt. Next, scrub the entire surface with a push broom and a little bit of liquid dish soap. As the final step, be sure to rinse off all the dish soap with your garden hose.
  • Inspect: While you’re cleaning your stamped concrete, pay attention to how the surface looks. Things to look out for include hairline cracks, crumbling edges or any stains. It’s not a bad idea to hire decorative concrete contractors in Crivitz, WI to make repairs if your stamped concrete doesn’t pass your visual inspection.
  • Seal: All concrete surfaces should be sealed every two to three years. Sealing your stamped concrete helps prevent ugly stains and cracks and protects it from UV rays, thus prolonging its lifespan. Most hardware stores carry concrete sealant and all the necessary tools to accomplish the job yourself. However, hiring a pro can save you some time and hassle!
  • Avoid deicing agents: Removing snow and ice in the winter months can help prevent a myriad of concrete problems. While sprinkling a deicer on the surface can make your job easier, it’s not recommended. Deicing agents can eat away at the concrete and cause long-term issues that necessitate repairs or replacement. Stick to a snow shovel for best results.
  • Make repairs right away: As we touched on above, stamped concrete can crack over time. Be sure to repair these cracks as soon as you notice them. They’ll only grow larger and wider as time goes on, and they could also turn into potholes. Handy homeowners can potentially fix these cracks themselves, but we recommend hiring a professional to complete the job.

Start planning your stamped concrete project today!

Snow, sleet, ice and frigid temperatures prevent decorative concrete contractors in Crivitz, WI from performing most commercial and residential concrete work. However, it’s never a bad time to contact our pros at Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc. We’ll start planning your stamped concrete project now to ensure we can get started as soon as the weather allows.

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