Everything You Should Know About Your Home’s Concrete Foundation

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Your home’s foundation can make or break its longevity—sometimes literally. A good foundation provides a flat, stable surface upon which a building can be constructed. Construction errors, natural disasters and general wear and tear can all wreak havoc on a foundation, however. That’s why it’s so important to work with reliable foundation contractors when you’re building a new home. Read on to learn more about the importance of your home’s foundation, and why it’s so important to work with the best foundation contractors in Crivitz, WI.


If your foundation is laid and maintained properly, it can last in perpetuity. Depending on your specific location, your foundation contractors will have to take into account soil type, terrain, natural bodies of water and other landscape factors. Even after your foundation is poured, you’ll still need to add a good drainage and gutter system so that water doesn’t prematurely ruin your foundation.


Soil can come in a range of types, but all soil has a “compressive point,” which is a point where it’ll start settling into the dirt and compress. If your building load exceeds the compressive point, it can buckle or move. Obviously, you want to avoid that situation whenever possible.

The state of Wisconsin has a general soil capacity table based on a building code. However, since soil can come in almost infinite varieties, it’s best if your foundation contractors test the specific soil on your building site.

This is important because it helps your contractors determine how strong the footings will be. The footings will “float” the weight of the house on the soil. Since buildings are heavy—hundreds of thousands of pounds—it’s crucial to know what kind and strength of footings you need. That all depends on the soil.


Drainage is the next most important component. Your yard needs to be properly graded so water runs off away from your home, rather than collecting around the foundation. Otherwise, the foundation will shift and even crack. In addition to grading, your contractors will make sure any water that seeps underneath the foundation has a way to get out. This usually involves a layer of washed rock and drain tile around the perimeter. They will also waterproof your foundation to limit water intrusion as much as possible.


Finally, your foundation should be insulated. The ground in Wisconsin is often quite cold—around 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Since warm air travels toward cool air until it levels out, you need to insulate your foundation. Otherwise, you’ll be paying to heat the ground underneath your foundation, which can make for some incredible energy bills. Insulation prevents heat transfer so your warm air stays inside the home, where it belongs.

These are the most important parts of foundation construction. For more information about foundations and site-specific concerns, reach out to Crivitz, WI’s best foundation contractors: Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc. We’re experts at pouring long-lasting foundations for homes and businesses alike. Contact us today to schedule a consultation—we look forward to discussing your project.

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