Concrete Pouring in Columns: A Preliminary Checklist

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Pouring concrete columns poses unique challenges. It’s important to understand all the key column concrete facts before you try to take on this type of project. Use the following checklist to guide your efforts. For more information, contact your local concrete specialists at Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc.:

  • Formwork: Before starting your concrete columns, always check the formwork. Defects in formwork are difficult to correct once the work has begun, so always start here.
  • Reinforcement: Proper reinforcement is crucial to safe, stable columns. In addition to checking the formwork, always check the reinforcement of the concrete columns.
  • Column shuttering: Ensure the size of the shuttering is correct for the column. Also make sure all center lines are in proper proportion and alignment. Your column shuttering should be strong enough to withstand the pressure of the concrete, even when a vibrator is applied.
  • Release agent: Always use oil or grease as a release agent so you can easily separate the concrete from the shuttering once the concrete has dried. Apply this release agent to the inner surfaces of the shuttering before pouring the concrete.
  • Grid: Check alignment with other columns and structural components to ensure it’s in proper proportion and spaced correctly. Everything should be planned out and aligned by a predetermined grid before the project begins.
  • Propping: Use appropriate props or ties to secure the fitting structure before you add the concrete to create concrete columns. The propping angle should be 45 degrees to the floor.
  • Reinforcement: Use reinforcement steel bars to give strength and stability to the concrete columns. Bars should be at least 12 mm in diameter and spaced no more than 300 mm apart. Use at least four bars in a rectangular or square column.
  • Stirrups: The hook angle in the stirrups should be 135 degrees. Variations in this degree can be detrimental due to seismic activity.
  • Approval: Before finalizing your concrete columns, consult with an expert. A concrete consultant should check the details of the reinforcements and overall project specs before you proceed.
  • Expert: When you consult with a professional, make sure you contact someone who has expertise in the field. They should be familiar with all column concrete facts to give you necessary insights to keep your project safe and secure.

Partner with the pros

Before you create your concrete columns, reach out to your local concrete professionals. Without this expert consultation, you may risk poor results. If an error is made during your pouring process, you may suffer losses that include financial costs, schedule setbacks or even personal injury.

We know concrete

For optimal results with concrete columns, contact the team at Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc. Our family-owned business has been serving customers throughout the area since 1977. We offer free estimates on site or over the phone. Our experts are fully licensed and insured, and are ready to help you enjoy success with your next project. Contact us today with any questions or to get started on your concrete columns. Reach our friendly staff at 715-854-2413.

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