Concrete Rebar 101: Why and How Does It Strengthen Concrete?

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Concrete rebar is a crucial aspect of concrete construction. Why? It adds necessary strength and durability. Here are the rebar facts to help you understand how this material strengthens concrete and the ultimate purpose of concrete rebar.

What is concrete rebar?

Concrete rebar is a reinforcing bar used inside concrete structures. It is used for increasing the strength of the concrete.

How does concrete rebar improve concrete?

Concrete rebar helps the concrete to resists breaking and cracking. The rebar gives the concrete additional strength, so it can withstand greater loads without breaking beneath the tension.

Additionally, rebar helps distribute the weight evenly throughout the concrete, so if any cracking does occur, it is controlled and does not cause severe structural damage.

Isn’t concrete strong enough on its own?

It’s true that concrete is very strong, and it can hold up under extreme forces. However, certain tension forces can be too tough for concrete to bear. This is where concrete rebar comes in. It helps with tensile strength. The rebar absorbs the stretching and bending as concrete is placed under pressure or expands and contracts, so the concrete itself remains solid and secure.

What are the characteristics of concrete rebar?

Concrete rebar is available in different thicknesses and grades. Concrete specialists choose the appropriate thickness and grade depending on the needs of the application. The thicker the rebar, the stronger it is.

How is concrete rebar installed?

Rebar is installed in a grid pattern. The sizing of the grid pattern is determined by each project. This spacing must be precise to ensure the strength of the final structure.

Where is concrete rebar typically used?

Concrete rebar is used in a variety of applications. Projects such as foundations, curbs, retaining walls, roads and driveways all usually require some type of concrete rebar. If you’re not sure whether your project requires the use of concrete rebar, contact a local specialist for expert insight.

Who should install concrete rebar?

Because spacing and thickness are crucial to the effectiveness of concrete rebar, it’s essential to install it accurately. Only trained professionals should attempt this task. These experts are familiar with all the rebar facts and have the knowledge, skills and tools to get the job done right.

For the best results, look for a company that has an established track record within the industry. They should be licensed and insured and dedicated to customer satisfaction. The company should also be familiar with building codes and standards in your area.

Your local concrete experts

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