How To Care for Your Brand New Driveway

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A concrete driveway is a wonderful asset to any home. One of the great benefits of a concrete drive is that it often requires very little maintenance and care. That is not to say, however, that it requires none. If you want to see a great return on your investment in your driveway, you should make sure to maintain it properly when needed.

This quick guide will give you some helpful tips on new driveway care as well as some ideas on repairs.


Concrete will occasionally need cleaning. If you do this cleaning properly, you will ensure that the driveway always looks great. In addition to keeping your drive looking great, proper cleaning will also ensure that the concrete will not start to deteriorate beneath debris or corrosive substances. Fresh concrete care requires that the drive stay clean. 


Resealing is an important part of how to maintain a new driveway. The frequency which the driveway will need depends on a few different factors. Resealing should generally be done about every two years. However, if the driveway is exposed to extreme weather conditions, it may need to be resealed more often. Another factor affecting resealing would be how much vehicle traffic travels over the driveway.

If you are not sure how often you should seal the driveway, you will want to consult with a local concrete contractor.

Clean Stains Quickly

One thing you should remember about concrete maintenance is that you should never allow stains to remain too long. The longer that stains remain on the concrete, the harder it will be to remove the stains later on. Early intervention will make for much easier cleaning and a more attractive driveway. Power washing is often useful for this chore.

Careful About Deicing Chemicals

Deicer chemicals are often used during the winter to keep concrete safe for traveling. However, these chemicals can also cause surface damage. You should be careful about using these types of products. There are alternatives you can use during the winter. Sand is a good alternative.

It is usually recommended that you use no type of deicer during the first year after the driveway is laid.

Concrete is considered a very durable material, but it still needs to be treated with care. Common residential concrete is not made to handle the weight of very heavy vehicles such as moving vans or construction equipment. Allowing these types of vehicles to drive over the concrete could result in cracking.

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