7 Steps Explaining How To Winterize Your Pool

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There comes a time in every calendar year when homeowners and pool owners ask, “Should I winterize my pool?” In most cases, the question is when to begin this process. However, how to do it right is always high on the list of things to organize when winterizing. Learning how to is easy, and you can do it in just a few hours, in just a few steps. Follow these easy 7 steps on how to winterize a pool and have your winter house chores done well ahead of schedule this year.

Step One: Clean out the outside tools and toys.

The first step is to remove all toys and accessories from the backyard or pool area. That includes pool toys, blankets, baskets, ladders, and every pool item that can be detached. Clean all items before storing them for the season.

Step Two: The big clean.

The main cleaning is the next step in winterizing. Here you can remove every leaf and piece of garbage from your pool. You can organize garbage and debris into organic bags and put them on your curb for organic trash pickup or throw this debris into a composter. Skimmers and nets will be useful in removing some of the harder-to-reach pieces of trash. You can also vacuum the pool with a pool vacuum to clean the pool thoroughly.

Step Three: Manage the water content.

The pool’s water needs to be a specific chemistry to stay safe over the winter. Here you will look for a pH level between 7.2 and 7.6. You also want a calcium hardness range between 175 to 225 and chlorine between 1 and 3 parts per million (ppm). Work on the pH level before you work on the chlorine levels.

Step Four: Drain the pool below the skimmer.

You don’t have to keep the water in the pool all winter if you don’t want to. You can completely drain the water in it or just a little bit to bring the water depth down. You want it at least half a foot below the skimmers when draining it.

Step Five: Clean the pool equipment.

In addition to draining the pool, you have to also check that the equipment is drained thoroughly. It is easier to carry and easier to store when you are winterizing your pool. A blower can be used to drain the equipment. You want to be sure the pipes are drained so that they do not burst over the winter.

Step Six: Add the chemicals.

Add chemicals to the remaining water. Here you want to add shock treatment and algaecide. The purpose of this is to prevent any bacteria or fungi from getting into the water over the season.

Step Seven: Cover it.

After the tools and pool have been cleaned and drained and the shock treatment has been added, it is time to call it a day. Put the cover on the pool and wish it a good winter. Consider a specialized winter cover or a safety cover with anchors if your winters are especially harsh. If there are any tears in your cover, it’s time for a new one.

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