Five Tips to Help You Hire the Best Concrete Contractors in Wisconsin

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Concrete contractors seem to be a dime a dozen. There are tons of different companies in our area that all seem to offer the same services at similar rates. The scary part is that some concrete contractors in Wisconsin may look reputable on the surface, but are actually more similar to con artists than contractors. So, with all of these less savory possibilities out there, how are you supposed to choose someone to complete a job for you? Keep reading to find out!

  • Choose an experienced contractor: When searching for a concrete contractor, you always want to go with someone who has plenty of experience in the concrete industry. More industry experience offers a number of advantages. For starters, an experienced contractor can give you a more accurate quote. Someone who’s been in the game longer will also have better time management skills, so your project will be done a lot sooner. At Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc., our pros have over 40 years of experience. It’s tough to find a more knowledgeable team than our concrete contractors in Wisconsin!
  • Get references: While experience certainly is important, it’s not everything. Before hiring a contractor, ask if you can call some of their references. Any reputable business should be more than happy to put you in contact with some of their satisfied customers. If the contractor is hesitant to provide references, you’re better off choosing a different company. We’d be glad to give you the names of some of our previous customers. They’re sure to give us a good review!
  • Look for online reviews: Hearing good reviews from a few references is a good sign, but make sure you also check a company’s reviews online. Sometimes you can learn a lot more about a contractor from their negative reviews than their positive ones. Just like our references, you’ll find tons of glowing reviews of our services all over the internet.
  • Ask about insurance: Once you’ve found a contractor with experience and good reviews, you’ll want to make sure they have insurance! Avoid concrete contractors without insurance at all costs. Without insurance, you could end up paying for any damage or injuries that occur while the concrete crew is working on your property. Any good contractor has general liability insurance, as well as worker’s compensation insurance to cover injuries.
  • Get a few quotes: Never hire a concrete contractor without getting a few different quotes first. You might always be able to find a better deal with another contractor. Be wary of any quote that sounds too good to be true, though! Less reputable contractors may give you a really low quote only to end up charging you way more than they initially estimated. We give the most transparent quotes around, so you’ll never worry about getting a hefty bill once we’re done with a project.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to find the best concrete contractors in Wisconsin for your job. If you pick up the phone and give Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc. a call today, we guarantee you’ll be more than satisfied with what you hear from us!

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