What Is Concrete Stamping in WI? Is Stamped Concrete for You?

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Maybe you’ve heard of stamped concrete, but aren’t exactly sure what it is. Below we’ll address some frequently asked questions about concrete stamping in WI and look at how you might use it at your home or business.

What is stamped concrete?

You’ve probably seen stamped concrete without knowing what it was. Stamped concrete is textured, patterned and/or embossed to look like other materials, including slate, brick, stone, tile, flagstone and even wood. Stamped concrete is a common application for residential and business patios, driveways, walkways, driveways and interior flooring. Because stamped concrete is manufactured to resemble other types of building materials, it’s often a more affordable alternative to using the aforementioned authentic materials.

What makes it appealing?

There are many different reasons why people choose stamped concrete instead of going for the real thing (stone, slate, wood, etc.). For many people, it is an economical alternative to pavers made of natural materials, especially if they’re planning to install or replace a high traffic surface like a driveway, walkway or patio. If you’re looking for low maintenance, you’ll want to learn more about stamped concrete. It has no open joints, so weeds have nowhere to grow when it’s used for an outdoor surface.

What are some popular colors and patterns? Will the color fade?

Many homeowners and commercial business owners are drawn to stamped concrete patterns that look more natural. Natural stone patterns like slate and flagstone are very popular, followed closely by cobblestone and brick. But growing in popularity are textures that resemble natural stone without joint lines. To match the more realistic natural patterns, you might consider some of the more popular color trends, such as natural earth tones and grays.

Keep in mind that over time, sunlight, dirt, weathering, foot traffic and vehicle traffic can cause the color of stamped concrete to fade. Regular maintenance like cleaning and resealing the concrete can minimize color fade, restoring it back to near its original state.

Does it look realistic?

Stamped concrete does not look fake; in fact, it looks extremely realistic. Purchase stamped concrete molded from the actual materials they are meant to resemble to ensure you get a very real looking, naturally flowing color material.

Will it damage easily? What’s its lifespan?

People love stamped concrete for more than just its beauty. Not only is it resistant to major cracking, it’s also one of the most durable, longest lasting paving and flooring materials available. When properly installed and maintained, stamped concrete material will last for decades, even through frequent use and when exposed to harsh weather.

Is it safe to salt it in the winter?

Deicing salts and products containing certain chemicals can cause surface damage to stamped concrete. So, if you live in an area that gets ice and snow in the winter and you have an outdoor stamped concrete surface, make sure you do not use deicing salts on it. Instead, use sand to create traction.

Feel free to contact Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc. for more information about concrete stamping in WI. We’re ready to answer all your questions!

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