A Guide to Finding Reliable Concrete Contractors in Wisconsin

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Searching for a contractor for your home isn’t as easy as calling the first number that comes up on the web. Contractors come in all different experience levels and specialties and some are far more capable than others of completing work on your home. This holds true for concrete contractors in Wisconsin who have varying levels of knowledge and expertise. Hiring the right contractor allows you to enjoy a finished driveway, walkway or other paved surface that is characterized by quality and attention to detail. Even though finding a reliable contractor requires some effort, the investment of time and energy will be well worth it in the long run. Here’s how to get started:

  • Begin with a recommendation: Before you do anything else, ask your family and friends whether they have worked with any concrete contractors in Wisconsin. Getting a personal recommendation from someone you know allows you to be confident in the information you are getting about a contractor.
  • Ask about pricing: Don’t be hesitant to ask a contractor about their pricing. If your contractor doesn’t want to offer you a quote or provides a price that seems far too high or way too low, you may be setting yourself up for surprise fees, low quality work or both.
  • Verify credentials: The credentials of a contractor, including their insurance and certification status, contribute to the quality of the work that you will receive. Make sure you ask about experience, too. The years of experience that a concrete contractor has will greatly affect the quality of work they are able to provide and the different situations they will be able to effectively respond to. Years of experience also demonstrate a commitment to a given community and the ability of a contractor to maintain a strong customer base.
  • Check references: You can ask your contractor for references to give you a better idea about their services. Concrete contractors in Wisconsin should be able to provide you with a list of references you can contact to ask about their experience. Make sure you follow through with these contacts to get as much information as you can about a contractor before hiring them.
  • Focus on communication: With any contractor you hire, communication is key. You don’t want to end up working with a contractor who won’t clearly communicate with you about billing, service, labor timelines or any other detail about the job that they are completing. The best way to determine whether a concrete contractor is going to effectively communicate with you is by contacting them, either by phone or by email, and seeing how they respond.

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