Signs That Your Concrete Needs to Be Repaired

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Concrete driveways, garages and patios are designed to last, but they may need some occasional repair or maintenance to ensure their structural integrity and safety. Therefore, if you’re to catch these small maintenance issues before they become major problems, it’s important for you to be aware of the various signs of wear that may indicate you need to make some simple repairs.

Here are a few examples of some of the signs your concrete needs to be repaired with the help of a team of skilled concrete contractors in Marinette County, WI:

  • Cracks: If you see cracks starting to form in the concrete, this is one of the most easily noticeable signs that you need to make some repairs. These cracks are occasionally caused by the soil underneath the concrete expanding and contracting with the freezing and thawing cycles of the Wisconsin seasons. It can also be a result of long periods of damp weather followed by hot, dry weather, which also leads to expanding and contracting soil.
  • Unevenness: If you notice that you have concrete floors, walls or external areas that appear to be uneven, this could also be a result of weather conditions changing throughout the year, or it could be a sign that the foundation work on your property was done poorly. It’s important to take quick action if you notice your concrete is uneven, especially if it’s a foundation problem. Otherwise, you could end up with significantly more serious issues such as crumbling and breaking. These problems can cause instability and damage to the structural integrity of your property, as well as potential injury.
  • Aging: There are some clear signs of aging that you should look for when analyzing your concrete that could indicate it’s time to either repair or replace those concrete areas. Signs of aging include combinations of cracks, potholes, unevenness, pooling water or simply a shabby, worn appearance. When you notice these issues popping up, it’s a good time to call a concrete contractor out to your home for an inspection and evaluation.
  • Pooling water: Water that begins to collect on concrete areas after rain is another sign that you’re going to need to make some repairs or adjustments to your concrete. Typically this is a result of water not being able to drain away naturally from the area. If water begins to pool up on your concrete, it will cause greater wear and tear. When you first install concrete, it should have a waterproof coating installed to offer it some extra protection. This coating will eventually wear thin as it deals with constant exposure to the elements, so it’s important for you to stay on top of reapplying this weatherproof coating as needed to protect your concrete’s long-term stability.

These are just a few examples of some of the signs that could indicate you need to repair your concrete. For more tips and information, or to schedule a consultation, contact the team of experienced concrete contractors in Marinette County, WI at Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc.

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