Ideas to Make Your Old Concrete Patio or Stoop Look New Again!

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Concrete is a durable, long-lasting material best known for being used in patios, driveways, walkways, sidewalks and other similar projects. Unfortunately, time will inevitably take a toll on concrete, creating some common types of damage, like cracks, chips and permanent stains. A damaged concrete surface, like a concrete stoop, can lower a home’s curb appeal and become a safety hazard. Replacing stoops can be expensive, costing homeowners both time and money, which is why pros suggest looking into other options first—such as reviving the concrete.

It’s always good to consider all your options before deciding on a course of action, especially when it comes to big home improvement projects. Here are some ideas for maintaining concrete patios in Crivitz, WI and making residential concrete look like new again.

Make repairs

Unless the damage to your concrete stoop or patio is significant, it’s best to wait until early spring to repair concrete damage. If you want to make repairs yourself, use a pressure washer or air compressor to clean debris from any cracks. Make sure the cracks are cleaned out well before proceeding. Get concrete repair caulk, but fill deep cracks to a quarter of an inch of the surface before applying caulk. Wide cracks and chips need a patching material and a quick-setting cement mixture. Once the damaged areas of your stoop are repaired, you can move on to refreshing its appearance.


Resurfacing old concrete to look new again is a quick and affordable process. The most important step is to thoroughly clean the concrete with an appropriate cleaning product and a pressure washer. Make sure to remove all dirt, oil and grime from the surface before fixing missed cracks and chips. Put weather-stripping in joints to keep resurfacing products from spilling into the joints. Because resurfacing materials cannot adhere well to a surface that is not somewhat rough, scuff a slick surface using a handheld oscillating tool with a sanding component.

Apply concrete stain

Both old and new concrete surfaces can benefit from an acid, acrylic or polymer stain. If you want to, you can create designs on the surface of your concrete using painter’s tape. For textured designs, score the lines with a hand-held concrete saw. Apply colored stain according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Use concrete sealer

Now that your stoop looks nice again, it’s time to seal it. Sealing your concrete stoop protects it from the elements and foot traffic. Note that you will need to apply light coats of clear concrete sealer to the surface of your stoop. Use clear sealing products because they work on both colored and uncolored concrete to renew its appearance, as well as protecting it against moisture and staining. If you’re renewing an old, faded color surface, use a tinted sealing product, as these won’t add color to uncolored concrete.

Maintaining concrete patios in Crivitz, WI is easy when you take measures to prevent problems and handle issues promptly. But first, invest in a professional concrete pour from the experts at Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc. Call us today to learn more about how we can help with your project!

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