Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Residential Concrete Contractor

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There are not many homeowners who are experts in residential concrete. When they require driveways, retaining walls or foundations, they must find a reliable contractor who will finish the job correctly the first time. However, assessing local concrete contractors in Crivitz, WI is challenging unless you know what to look for when choosing one. Here are five steps for finding the best residential concrete contractor in your area:

  • Ask around: If a friend, family member or neighbor recently completed concrete work, ask them who they hired and if they were happy with them. Sometimes a referral from someone you trust is the best way to find the right person for a job. You can also conduct online searches or use a tool like Angie’s List. These options also show reviews, so you will get a good idea of work quality—both good and bad. If bad, you can see how the company makes right on their mistakes. Since anything can go wrong even with the best of intentions, it is always good to know a contractor will honor warranties and work guarantees.
  • Verify licensing and insurance: You also want to hire a contractor who is licensed and carries the appropriate insurance. Hiring unlicensed contractors gives you few options if they make a mistake, and you may end up paying another contractor to fix the damage. Insurance not only covers damage to your home, but also any injuries that occur on your premises. If your contractor does not carry insurance, injuries must be covered by your homeowners policy, which will raise your premiums and even reduce coverage.
  • Seek experience: Most established contractors maintain online portfolios of their work. This allows you to assess quality and see if they’ve handled projects like yours previously. If a portfolio shows mostly retaining walls and driveways, and you want a foundation for your new structure, you may want to consider finding another contractor. You want someone who performs your type of project well and often—you do not want to be someone’s guinea pig.
  • Meet first and then choose: Good contractors communicate well with their clients and explain steps clearly. When you schedule an in-person estimate, you can assess the quality of their customer service. This determines whether schedules are clear and pricing is transparent. If a contractor will not give you a written estimate, beware—that allows too much wiggle room for price fluctuations and broken promises.
  • Compare prices: You do not want to choose a contractor on price alone, but it should be a consideration. A low price with cheap materials may mean more work in the future—and it could be more expensive too. You want a choice of bids that are within roughly the same range. If a contractor is several thousand dollars less expensive than your second-lowest bid, do not hire them without an explanation of why that is the case.

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