A Complete Homeowner’s Guide to Foundation Repairs

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Unlike the roof, windows or appliances in your home, you may not notice a problem with your foundation before it’s too late and expensive repairs are necessary. The good news is that we’re here to help—this post will act as your guide, providing answers to your questions and giving foundation repair tips in Crivitz, WI.

What do different types of cracks mean?

You may notice cracks in walls, ceilings and the foundation itself—even in newer homes. While they’re not something you should ignore, some are more cause for alarm than others. Here’s a little more background on each type of crack:

  • Vertical cracks: Vertical cracks running up a wall are the most common sign of a house settling. It’s typically not necessary to repair these cracks as soon as possible. However, a vertical crack running from the floor to the ceiling on two adjacent walls could indicate a problem with a foundation.
  • Diagonal cracks: A diagonal crack running along the foundation or basement wall is a sign that the foundation is settling, and is a bit more serious than the type of crack mentioned above. You should call a concrete specialist right away to investigate and repair this type of crack if necessary.
  • Horizontal cracks: Severe settling in a foundation can cause horizontal cracks to run along the foundation and is a problem that needs to be addressed right away. Waiting around to have these cracks repaired could result in serious consequences to the rest of your home.

What can be done to prevent cracks?

Though there’s nothing that can be done to stop a tornado or natural disaster from destroying your foundation, you can prevent cracks from forming by following these tips:

  • Clean the gutters: Believe it or not, protecting your foundation starts with your roof! One of our best foundation repair tips in Crivitz, WI is to clean out your gutters in the spring and fall. Clogged gutters result in water spilling over the top of the gutter and directly onto the ground surrounding your foundation. Double check that the downspouts allow the water to flow at least five feet away from your home.
  • Perform an inspection: It’s never a bad idea to hire a pro to inspect things around the house. This is especially true when it comes to your foundation. Hire a professional to check for cracks or other signs of damage once a year or so. This service offers early detection for problems and can save you tons of money on repairs.
  • Water the ground: Summertime often means the ground around your foundation will dry up, possibly creating a gap between the foundation and the surrounding soil. This gap can lead to cracks or other foundation issues. Luckily, all you need to do is water the soil, as damp soil will help prevent gaps from forming.

Whether you need to pour a new foundation or just want some more foundation repair tips in Crivitz, WI, be sure to call the team at Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc. We have over 40 years of industry experience, so you know you can trust our advice and expertise.

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