Is It Worth It to Install a Concrete Patio?

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With summer here, more homeowners are thinking about how nice it would be to spend more time outdoors. Whether eating, entertaining or simply hanging out in your backyard, concrete patios can be a great way to create a designated space for outdoor furniture, dining areas and above-ground pools.

Is it worth it to install a concrete patio? We think so—read on to learn the benefits of adding a concrete patio in Crivitz, WI:

  • Versatile: Concrete doesn’t have to be boring gray slabs. Today, concrete stamping and staining can help you create any number of looks for your backyard. Concrete can be poured in just about any pattern you can think of. As it dries, large stamps are used to make patterns or textures like cobblestones, brick and wood. Concrete stain is used to change the color, transforming the material so completely that you’d never believe it’s the same material on playgrounds and sidewalks. Many homeowners choose to design their patios to complement the exterior of their homes, or bring interior design and functional elements outdoors.
  • Durable: Concrete patios are quite durable, especially when local contractors take measures to protect them from the extreme cold that the Crivitz area experiences in the winter. Typically, concrete lasts the longest of any patio masonry types, especially when multiple coats of sealer are used. Some patio designs incorporate rebar for extra strength. As long as you protect and maintain your patio, it can last decades—even in Wisconsin winters.
  • Easy maintenance: Brick and stone tend to have grout or joints where weeds can sprout and mold can form—it’s much easier to sustain damage with a pieced-together patio. In contrast, concrete patios are solid surfaces. Even when you stamp them with a pattern, there are no cracks or joints to encourage growth. This also saves you from the possibility that your pavers will shift and create a tripping hazard. Sweeping and the occasional power wash should be all you need to keep your patio looking great.
  • Affordable: Not only does a stamped concrete patio add resale value to your home, it achieves similar looks to wood, brick and stone at a fraction of the cost. The materials are cheaper, and the labor costs are significantly less than working with heavier and more time-intensive building components.
  • Environmentally friendly: Concrete patios are much more environmentally friendly than wood patios—not only will you avoid using lumber, a precious and slow-to-replenish natural resource, but you won’t need to use wood solvents, stains and sealants, which are full of harsh chemicals.

Ultimately, if you want a beautiful, customizable patio for less than you’d pay for wood, stone and brick, concrete patios are absolutely worth it. They last just as long or longer than other materials, add resale value and are kinder to the environment, so why would you choose anything else?

Ready to experience the benefits of adding a concrete patio in Crivitz, WI? Get in touch with Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc. today to set up a consultation.

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