Complete Guide to Maintaining Stamped Concrete

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Stamped concrete adds extra aesthetic value to any establishment. Repeated designs or even your Crivitz, WI company’s trademark can greet your customers as they stop for a visit. However, once you add this unique feature to your property, you need to know how to maintain it. Here is the complete stamped maintenance guide to help you keep your investment beautiful for the long term:

  • Keep clean: Never let debris merely sit on your stamped concrete. Sweep frequently, and use a leaf blower if you are overwhelmed with fall foliage or excess dirt. You can also hose off stamped concrete if you face stubborn stains, or if the concrete suffers a liquid spill. Allowing leaves and other organic debris to sit can cause stains, and spills will contribute to cracks and other damage. Also, keep trash bins nearby so customers do not feel compelled to litter on your walkways.
  • Embrace the power washer: Tire marks, dirt, leaf stains and grease and oil spots are difficult to remove from any surface. With stamped concrete, they can grind into the crevices and pose an even greater challenge when you wish to clean. Try removing stains with just water first. Use a power washer to address the worst stains. This may be enough to restore concrete to its previous status. If that does not work, add a chemical cleaning agent and scrub using a push broom or brush. You may need to wash and rinse in multiple cycles to see a difference, especially with oil-based stains. There are also cleaners made specifically for oil.
  • Consider where you install it: Stamped concrete is appropriate for any area of your home or business, including driveways. However, when it is used by vehicles, you risk oil and fluid stains that will affect its appearance. You have two choices in this situation: one, do not install stamped concrete where cars may park on it, or two, be at peace with the fact that staining could be a “when” instead of an “if.” If this is a homeowner project, park cars in the garage to avoid stains. For businesses, consider using stamped concrete only where there is foot traffic.
  • Seal regularly: Your stamped concrete walkway or driveway requires sealing to look its best. This will also protect it from moisture, deicing chemicals and abrasive conditions and elements. The type of sealant depends on whether you need color fading protection, and your contractor will know the best one for your project. Once established, expect to seal your concrete every two to three years. It may be a good idea to set up a maintenance schedule with your contractor once you install the stamped concrete.

This complete stamped concrete maintenance guide shows that stamped concrete in Crivitz, WI is durable and beautiful, as long as you take care of it. Fortunately, that does not take much, and you can enjoy years of its benefits. Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc. offers commercial concrete services throughout Marinette County, including stamped concrete. Contact us today to receive an estimate.

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