Extend the Life of Your Concrete Patio with These Five Ideas

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Once you put in the time and financial investment to create a new concrete patio, it is time to focus on how to make your new creation last. Your concrete patio ideas in Crivitz, WI should also include longevity, and fortunately, that works well with style. Here are five ideas to create an attractive outdoor space that lasts:

  • Add cover: Covered patios provide shade, but also help your concrete last longer. Constant beatings from hot sunlight and relentless rain and snow will corrode the surface and have you seeking concrete repair or replacement sooner than you planned. Consider a canvas awning or incorporate a pergola into your overall design to add shade and protection.
  • Clean regularly: Water and soil wear away at stone and concrete. If you let it linger, it will wear away holes that will give in to cracks. Sweep away dry debris as you see it, but also use a garden hose or pressure washer to remove ground-in dirt and contaminants. For bird waste and spills, add liquid dish soap for a good scrub and rinse it away. If you spill drinks, grease or other food materials, clean up the mess before the concrete absorbs it. Use water or a pressure washer to remove any stains.
  • Seal your patio: A sealant protects concrete from early corrosion. If you installed colored or stamped concrete, it will also add a shine. The sealant protects against severe weather, and it will preserve any decorative elements in your concrete. Once applied, reapply sealant every two to three years, or whenever you notice fading color or shine. You can do this task yourself, although you must make sure to apply it evenly after you thoroughly clean the patio.
  • Buy rugs: You can create a cozy outdoor space to enjoy all summer with colorful rugs. Besides adding a strong design element, the rugs will also protect the concrete from dirt, spills and the scratches that come from moving chairs and tables. Now, whenever there is a spill, you only need to wash the rug rather than pull out the pressure washer. That saves time and allows you to spend more time enjoying your patio rather than hosing it off constantly after every spill.
  • Trim foliage: Cleaning up the foliage around your patio creates a neater look, but also helps with preservation. Trees and bushes drop debris, and roots can grow beneath your patio and cause it to crack. Avoid this by trimming roots regularly so they do not endanger your patio. Keep branches and bushes trimmed back, too, so they are less likely to drop leaves or heavy branches on the patio that may damage it. If trees become too intrusive, you may have to remove them. Also, if you find weeds attempting to grow from cracks, pull them and fill in the cracks to prevent further intrusion.

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