Concrete Projects: When to Hire a Pro and When to DIY

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After watching some YouTube videos or reading helpful articles online, many do-it-yourself homeowners feel like they’re capable of tackling any project. While that might be true for some jobs, many concrete projects require the help of concrete contractors in Crivitz, WI. This post will cover a few of the projects you can do on your own and a few that you’ll need to bring in the pros to handle.

DIY projects

With a little spare time and a few helping hands, a DIY-er is more than capable of installing a small concrete patio or even adding a walkway. As long as the ground is level, these small projects are great for folks who want to get their hands dirty and feel that sense of accomplishment.

Common DIY mistakes

You’ve got to be careful when attempting any concrete work. A common mistake DIY-ers make is making their concrete pad too large. If the dimensions aren’t perfect, the concrete can slump or crack, which will require professional repairs.

You also can’t rush through the job. Just like professional concrete contractors in Crivitz, WI, you’ll need to take your time to accurately measure the area and thoroughly mix the concrete. Going slow further reduces the risk of cracking or concrete failure.

Professional projects

Simply put, we recommend hiring residential concrete services in Crivitz, WI for any project more complex than installing a small patio or walkway. This includes projects like creating foundations, pouring driveways and even building larger patios that might not be on even terrain.

There are a few reasons we don’t recommend doing these projects yourself. First of all, you may need a permit, which a concrete contractor can procure for you. Second, a contractor knows how to properly mix the concrete and whether or not the project requires any rebar or other reinforcements.

When you hire a concrete pro, you also have the option to add a decorative finish to the surface. Our team is capable of stamping concrete to make it look like brick, stone, tile or other higher-end materials.

Benefits of hiring a pro

In addition to the points mentioned above, another top reason to hire a pro is to save some time. Professionals have all of the tools, knowhow and manpower to complete a concrete job in a fraction of the time it takes for a homeowner to tackle it.

It may sound counterintuitive, but bringing in a concrete contractor can also save you money in many circumstances. When you hire a pro, you won’t have to go out and rent or buy heavy-duty tools and supplies that you don’t already have lying around the garage. Additionally, a contractor will ensure the job’s done correctly, reducing the need for expensive repairs down the road.

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If you need a professional to tackle a concrete project at your home or business, be sure to hire Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc. With decades of industry experience and fair prices, we’re one of the premier providers of residential concrete services in Crivitz, WI. Contact our team today to get a quote for your next project!

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