Ways to Look for Common Foundation Problem Signs

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Foundation deterioration can be caused by a variety of issues, so it’s important to be able to spot signs of foundation problems before further damage occurs. Read on for how to identify foundation problems such as concrete cracks in Crivitz, WI.

Causes of foundation problems

Most foundation problems are caused by water. Moisture fluctuations will cause soil to swell or shrink, which results in movement beneath the foundation. A structure may also be prone to foundation problems if it was built on poorly compacted soil or it has inadequate drainage. If the foundation was built on unstable soil, any movement in the soil will transfer to the foundation and compromise its structural integrity.

Common signs of foundation problems

All foundations will settle with age, but uneven or extreme settlement is an indication of major structural damage. When it comes to matters of safety, early detection can make a huge difference. Recognizing foundation issues before they worsen can prevent further damage and costs. However, keep in mind that larger structures will generally incur higher repair expenses. Even though the potential price tag might be steep, it’ll still be less costly and dangerous than letting the problems fester.

Foundation stress may manifest on the structure’s exterior in the form of rotated walls, separation along the perimeter, cracked bricks, cracked foundation or displaced fixtures. While hairline concrete cracks are associated with typical foundation settlement in Crivitz, WI, large cracks that suddenly appear may be the result of possible foundation damage. Vertical cracks tend to be less worrisome than horizontal cracks, which might be caused by an excessive amount of settling. Fractures at a 45-degree angle could be the result of significant foundation movement. Gaps along the outer perimeter could indicate that the foundation is under immense pressure, which is why even a quarter-inch gap can be a cause for concern.

Interior signs of foundation issues include uneven flooring, misaligned doors and windows, cracked floors and cracked sheetrock. Doors may also have trouble opening and closing due to high humidity, but the issue persisting during drier weather may be an indication of foundation problems. Sagging and squeaky floors may be caused by foundation issues that impact piers and beams. An uneven foundation may also cause unevenness of interior fixtures such as cabinets and countertops.

What to do if you find signs of foundation problems

If you discover signs of foundation problems, get an inspection from a foundation repair contractor as soon as possible. If they determine that repair is necessary, they should be able to provide a written estimate. Be sure to inquire whether a transferable lifetime warranty for foundation repair will be included. This will provide peace of mind for both the current and any potential future owners of the property.

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