How to Add Color to Concrete Mix Without Spending a Fortune

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Homeowners across the country have said goodbye to their drab, gray concrete and hello to unique, colored concrete. Concrete can now come in a wide variety of colors to complement your home’s color or even the flowers surrounding your driveway or patio.

Many of our customers shy away from colored concrete because they’re afraid of a high price tag—but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Continue reading to learn some cheap ways to color concrete on your own:

  • Liquid colorants: The first tip is to use inexpensive liquid colorant to dye your concrete. A 10-ounce bottle costs as little as $5 and can tint an 80-pound bag of concrete. Simply add the colors in the mixer after the aggregate and water but before the cement. Because the colorants are concentrated, you’ll get bold colors.
  • Latex paint: You can also use latex paint to color concrete—but don’t buy expensive cans. Instead, go to the hardware store, and look for paints that were mixed by mistake and returned. You can get these at a significant discount. Substitute the latex paint for water when mixing concrete to get a subtle hint of color.
  • Dry-shake color hardener: Professionals use a concentrated colored powder called dry-shake color hardener to dye concrete. This powder can be added to the concrete mix itself or added on top just after it’s poured. It costs about $55 for a 60-pound bag that’ll cover 100 square feet, so it’s not the most inexpensive concrete color mix, but it’s still affordable.
  • Colored objects: The most inexpensive way to color your concrete is to press some colored objects in the wet concrete mix as it’s being poured. Marbles, pieces of colored tile, beach glass, coins or bottle tops add a touch of color and whimsical twist to your concrete.

Let our team handle your concrete needs

You’re ready to get to work now that you know some cheap ways to color concrete. However, we recommend hiring Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc. to tackle the job. Here are a few reasons to work with a pro instead of DIY-ing it:

  • Fair pricing: We know you’re trying to save some money on your concrete project, so you can rest assured that high prices won’t be a concern when you hire our team. We’re committed to providing budget-friendly pricing on all our concrete services.
  • Guaranteed results: There’s nothing worse than putting in a ton of effort on a project only to end up with less-than-desirable results. Unfortunately, that’s what can happen when you try to color and pour your concrete by yourself. You can rest easy knowing the job will be done right when you hire us.
  • Speedy service: Some homeowners opt to do their own concrete work because they don’t want to wait around for the concrete company. You won’t have to worry about that when you call us. We’ll show up as fast as possible to give you an estimate and get the project started.

The choice is clear—hire our team to do your concrete work. Contact us today to get a free estimate or to learn some more about our inexpensive concrete color mix.

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