Support Your Favorite Sports Team with Stamped Concrete

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Polished concrete is a durable, attractive and easy-to-clean flooring solution—but what if you want to take your concrete floors to the next level? Stamped concrete logos for sports fans in Crivitz, WI are an excellent choice whether you’re a fan of the Packers or the world champion Bucks.

Adding a bright, colorful logo is a bold expression of who you support and can be a great addition to offices, warehouses and more. Let’s look at how to go about getting custom logos for stamped concrete.


As a business owner, you know how important branding is. Whether it’s endorsing a team associated with your business or adding your company’s logo, you can enhance your standing and reinforce your identity with your clients. Branding improves recognition, fosters trust and supports other marketing efforts.

The fact is that a strong, cohesive brand is related to a company’s success. What better way to show your company’s loyalty to your hometown than with custom logos for stamped concrete in Crivitz, WI?

For homeowners

Sports logos on concrete floors aren’t just for business owners. Homeowners who want to declare their allegiance to their favorite team (whether it be high school, college or the pros) love these colorful logos as well. You can get a beautiful result on a garage floor, for example, so that every time you return home, you get to see your favorite team’s image emblazoned in the entrance.

How logos are placed on polished concrete floors

Any kind of logo can be sandblasted onto polished concrete floors. This is the most popular method of adding custom features to concrete floors. The result is a natural look that many people love. Another option is to engrave logos that are also dyed.

Logos can be applied onto concrete coatings as well using a template that’s added to the floor after the coating. This is then followed up by a clear coat. This is a bold choice for those who don’t prefer this unique appearance.

Other benefits of glossy concrete floors

There are other uses for printing on concrete floors as well. For example, some business owners use these to point visitors in the right direction or designate certain rooms or spaces. Glossy concrete floors are a great solution because they let you add a range of colors and designs that you can customize to your needs.

Concrete floors are also very durable and are an ideal fit for high-traffic areas. Your logos will remain intact for years to come even if tons of people are walking across them every day. Think about the stadium of your favorite team—they probably have a logo on polished concrete that fans see when they enter, which will remain bright and vibrant into the future.

Whenever you’re looking for stamped concrete logos for sports fans, choose the leaders at Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc. With more than 40 years of experience, our contractors are experts at delivering quality concrete to both residential commercial customers. Contact us right now for a free quote.

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