Pros and Cons of Stamped Concrete

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When you want to build a long-lasting patio or walkway at your home in Crivitz, WI, there are many pros to using stamped concrete. That said, it’s worthwhile to compare polished concrete to other material options like natural stone, slate and brick before you get started.

Let’s look at all the pros and cons of polished concrete to find out whether this might be a good choice for your next project.

Low maintenance

No one wants to spend more time than they have to maintaining their property. Fortunately, polished concrete requires far less upkeep than other options like stone, tile and brick. There may be some cracking over time, but there’s little you need to do to maintain the walkway on an annual basis.

The surface will need to be resealed about once every three to five years. This is a great way to avoid water damage and staining, thereby avoiding replacement. Discuss options with a trusted contractor about sealing, and see if it’s right for your situation. The generally low maintenance required is one of the better facts on stamped concrete.

Affordable cost

Compared to other options, polished concrete is more affordable than stone or brick. Installation for pouring and stamping concrete is also less money than the leading alternatives. You will want to bring in experts to create a flawless finish; still, overall, polished concrete requires less time, preparation and specialized equipment than installing brick or stone. Over the long run, you’ll save on maintenance costs as well.

Customizable options

Another of the pros of using stamped concrete is that it’s easy to customize and make fit with your home. You can make polished concrete appear like another material like slate, brick, tile or natural stone. This way, you get the best of both worlds: the easy-to-maintain, inexpensive concrete with the appearance of your favored material. Plus, don’t forget that concrete is typically more durable than the alternatives.

Cons of stamped concrete

There are some reasons that homeowners might make another choice. Some simply don’t want to compromise and are willing to pay more for stone, brick or another favored material. Others note that coloring polished concrete to make a specific match can be difficult.

Another common issue is that stamped concrete can crack over time. This may require bringing in professionals to patch up the cracks on your patio or walkway. Nevertheless, maintenance is still less than with other options. If the contractor creates joints in the concrete, the surface is then given room to expand and will make cracks less of an eyesore as the concrete ages.

The facts on stamped concrete show that it’s a great option for many homeowners. When you need high-quality concrete contractors, choose Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc. Our contractors deliver value by doing the job right the first time, every time. We don’t cut corners, and we take the time to fashion concrete projects to your exact specifications. Give us a call right now to learn more and get a free estimate.

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