Commercial Concrete: Did You Know It’s Different?

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Whenever you hear the words “building” and “construction,” concrete is one of the materials that may come to mind. Commercial concrete has high strength workability, making it a default option for commercial concrete workers.

Concrete workers will make the concrete by mixing cement, water and aggregates (gravel, crushed stone and sand) to form a paste. The material ratio is usually predetermined by the construction requirement. This makes the mixture versatile as one can easily alter the proportion of the ingredients to obtain different types of commercial concrete.

Let’s look at everything you need to know before choosing either commercial or residential concrete.

What Is Commercial Concrete?

Commercial concrete is a mixture used in building or enhancing private spaces but accommodative to public members. The private space includes, but is not limited to, areas like restaurants, warehouses and offices. 

The concrete can be sighted all over a commercial structure, including floors, walls and exterior walkways, such as the hallways and pavements. Commercial concrete is best suited for commercial spaces because it’s resilient and durable and can withstand heavy traffic.

What Is Concrete for Residential Use?

A residential space has less traffic as it’s a private living area. So the only heavy objects the floor will need to support are likely furniture and appliances. Because of this, residential concrete is light and less expensive.

However, you should not settle for a poor-quality concrete mixture to save money, as it can be disastrous. Additionally, do not splurge on heavy-duty concrete meant to support heavy weights, as this will be underutilizing the material.

When choosing concrete overlays, keep the material simple, such as vinyl, hardwood or carpeting in the bedroom or living room. Concrete overlay is a feather finish for decorative or repair reasons. Also, add simple protective polish and overlay in areas like the garage for a crisp and minimal appearance.

Do I Need Residential or Commercial Concrete?

When planning to order or make a concrete mixture for your next project, you need to understand that not all types of concrete are the same. You will need to ensure the chosen formula performs best for your project.

To do this, you will need to distinguish if your project is for commercial or residential use. A commercial building refers to a property that engages in business activities, while residential properties are only used as private living quarters.

Commercial concrete floors need to be well prepared for a higher foot traffic volume than residential concrete floors. When ordering commercial concrete, choose a higher strength formula and provide proper reinforcement when placing the concrete.

Because of the consistent foot traffic, ensure your commercial concrete floor is slip-resistant to avoid injuries. In addition, it also needs to withstand spills and abrasions. To achieve this, treat your concrete floor with a high-quality coating or finishing.


Choosing the right finish for your commercial construction project will provide good traction. This will make it easy to walk for people working or visiting the premises. A high-quality finish makes the surface durable for a more extended period with minimal need for maintenance.

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