The Most Common Types of Residential Concrete Foundations

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One of the major decisions involved in constructing a home is choosing the foundation. The foundation is one of the most important parts of a home. It only makes sense to ensure that it will support the home for a long time. A foundation needs to be designed to withstand different conditions like flooding and freezing. Here are the different types of residential foundations that are commonly used.

Crawl Space

In this type of foundation, the home is raised about 2 to 3 ft above the ground. That space created is what is referred to as crawl space. The builders will place a barrier over the soil to avoid mold issues. In modern homes, crawl spaces are designed as basements. This type of foundation is ideal for homeowners that want additional space in the basements for storage. A crawl space is just like a normal basement but with less space.

Full Basement

This is the deepest foundation a house can have. It is about 8 ft high. The type of basement is like a whole underground space. In some cases, it is left unfished for storage of utilities like heaters, water and plumbing structures. In other cases, it can be converted into an additional living space. To minimize the risk of mold or mildew, insulation is required. Full basements are ideal for homeowners that want extra footage for storage or living space. However, they are not suited for elderly persons or individuals that cannot use stairs. That is unless you install another door that is much more accessible.

Wood Foundation

While it might seem like an uncommon option for a foundation, wood rose in popularity in the 1960s. Builders use preservative-treated wood because it is resistant to decay. It is also easy to install because it does not need labor-intensive masonry work. A builder can insulate a wood foundation for a warmer crawlspace. Certain woods like redwood, cypress and cedar are resistant to insects and mold. However, they are costly. Fortunately, builders have found a way to treat any other wood and give it similar characteristics.

Beam Foundations

Beam foundations are popular in coastal homes. To overcome the moisture problem, beams are set to anchor a home above ground.

Concrete Slab Foundations

A concrete slab is a popular type of foundation used in residential homes. The common types of concrete foundations are T-shaped, slab-on-grade foundations and frost-protected. These types of foundations are directly built on the soil. That means there is no below-ground storage. However, the land needs to be leveled first before the foundation is laid. This type of foundation is also popular with modern houses. It is easy to install, reliable, and a low-cost option. In addition, the concrete foundation is durable. How long does concrete foundations last? One might say a lifetime. A concrete foundation can last anywhere between 80 and 100 years.

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