Why Is Concrete Primarily Used In Residential Construction?

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Concrete is among the most commonly used materials in construction projects globally. Look around your home, and you will realize you are surrounded by concrete. Whether it is your basement wall, garage pad, driveways, parking areas or walkways, these areas are made of concrete. Concrete does not exist as a single construction material. It is a mixture of many materials, including cement, fine aggregate, crushed stone and water. But what is the importance of concrete in construction? Read on to find out what makes this material so popular in construction.


One of the major reasons concrete is used by housing developers is because of its strength. It is a solid material that can withstand different stressors without being affected. Nowadays, project contractors use ready-mix concrete instead of mixing it themselves. Fortunately, there are also many reliable concrete suppliers to provide concrete mixes.


Over time, concrete has been proven to be flexible because it can be used in many applications. You can use it on roads, driveways, pathways, garages, buildings, patios and much more. Besides that, it can also be mixed according to construction requirements to generate different degrees of strength. Therefore, whether you use it for a highway or a small parking driveway, it will still perform.


Another reason concrete is used in residential construction is that it can last for ages. It can withstand harsh conditions, chemical reactions, rusting, erosion and fire. It also enhances the structural integrity of your home, hence ensuring that your building lasts a long time.


Just like asphalt, concrete reflects heat instead of absorbing it. This feature allows it to cool buildings, reducing overreliance on air conditioning systems.


Since concrete can withstand disasters, one does not need additional materials to repair buildings. Also, most of the time, the materials used to mix concrete are locally sourced. This means minimal resources are used in transport.

Advantages of Concrete

So, what are 4 advantages of using concrete as a building material? If you are doing construction, here are some of the benefits you can get from using concrete.

  • Readily available: Concrete everywhere in the world. When you combine this with how strong it is, you can see why it is a good construction material.
  • The cost of maintenance is very low: Due to its ability to withstand harsh climatic weather conditions, concrete hardly needs maintenance, and it will still last a long time.
  • Fire resistance: Concrete does not burn, unlike other building materials, such as wood. In addition, it does not emit toxic gases or smoke when exposed to fire.
  • Durability: Concrete buildings last a long time as long as the foundation is solid.

Why is concrete primarily used in residential construction? The material is durable, versatile and strong. And just as you are keen on choosing your construction materials, you should also be keen on choosing your residential concrete contractors. At Kwiatkowski Construction Co., Inc., we have more than 40 years of experience working with concrete. Our experience in the field is what makes us qualified for the job. Give us a call today for free estimates, questions and concerns.

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