Reasons To Remove and Replace an Existing Concrete Patio

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Some homeowners may ask, "When should I replace my concrete patio?" When to replace concrete outside can depend on the season and whether you see cracks. The best reason to replace concrete is usually for safety. 

This article will review a number of reasons why and when you should replace your concrete patio.

Outside Safety

Why does concrete need to be replaced? If your patio has any cracks or dents, it makes it too easy to have an accident. Falling on concrete can cause serious damage. If someone who does not live in your home happens to fall on your damaged outdoor concrete, you might be liable. You can temporarily repair those potential trip points, but concrete repairs only last for a certain amount of time.

So, for your personal safety and to avoid liability, keep your outdoor patio smooth and replace any cracked concrete.

Curb Appeal

When someone passes by your home, they will first see your outdoor landscaping. Having well-maintained concrete will make your home look beautiful and presentable. 

Unsightly highly cracked concrete can take away from otherwise beautiful homes and property. So, if your concrete has begun to show wear and tear, replacing it will help maintain the beauty of your home. This will come in handy if you ever decide to sell it.

Raise Home Value 

As much as you love your home, you may decide to sell it one day. Homeownership often involves ongoing upkeep. Don’t forget to keep up your outdoor areas. Having well-maintained professional-looking concrete can help raise your home value.

It Is Cracking 

If you notice that your concrete has begun to crack, that is the time to be concerned. Unfortunately, you can never fully repair cracks in concrete — you can really only temporarily patch them over. 

Cracks in concrete will never stop; they will just keep expanding. If water seeps into those cracks and freezes, it will make matters worse and cause the cracks to expand further and deeper. It is best to play it safe and simply replace cracked concrete instead of trying to repair it.

Encourage Time Outdoors

By keeping your outdoor concrete patio up to date, you’re more likely to want to relax outside or even entertain guests. You will be more likely to want to do outdoor projects as a solid concrete foundation will make it easier for you to build upon it. 

In conclusion, replacing your concrete is a great idea to keep your home well-maintained and beautiful for years to come. Ignoring cracked concrete is a safety issue and can bring down your property value. Make an investment in your home and your safety. 

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